NORFOLK -- Anyone from Hampton Roads traveling to watch UVA in the NCAA East Regionals at Madison Square Gardens Friday night can expect to pay a pretty penny for tickets.

You have to purchase tickets to all three games and the median price for the trio is in the $1,400 range.

The East Region's Sweet 16 games mark the first NCAA tournament round played at Madison Square Garden in 53 years, and an already expensive ticket has increased demand from nearby Connecticut.

'The closer the school is to the site of the tournament, the greater the demand and the higher the ticket price,' said sports ticket broker John Martin of Great Atlantic Travel in Virginia Beach.

Martin advises UVA fans to purchase tickets with a credit card. Counterfeit tickets pop up at these big-name sporting events and once you pay cash, the cash is gone.

The median price for three tickets at the West regional is $344, he Midwest region is $255, and the South region costs $225.

Martin called up a site listing suites and tickets for the Final Four in Arlington, Texas going for 30,000-dollars. Adding many of those are corporations allowing a ticket broker to sell their suites to make some money.

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