HOUSTON A MacArthur High School counselor has lost her job after having sex multiple times with a student who openly communicated with her on social media, according to Aldine ISD.

Ellen Wermeling, 32, was charged with improper relationship with student.

According to court documents, the allegations surfaced after the 12th grader told a football coach that he and Wermerling had sex on various occasions.

The principal informed Aldine ISD police of the allegations and provided them with screenshots of Instagram conversations between Wermerling and the student. Some of the messages alluded that the student had spent time at Wermerling's home.

The teen boy was interviewed. He told investigators that on February 28, he was messaging Wermerling about 'how bored' he was sitting at home with nothing to do. She allegedly picked him up so they could 'hang out' together, then drove him to her apartment. He said the two were in her room watching a movie when he began to massage her shoulders. That led to the first sexual encounter between the two.

Then again on March 6 and March 8, Wermerling brought the boy back to her home and the two had sex again, investigators said.

'In the heat of the moment, nothing really was wrong,' said the teen boy. 'At the end of the day, I'm 18, and I'm an adult and I make my own decisions.'

Wermerling denied the allegations of sex and further refuted the fact that she ever spoke to the boy on Instagram. Her instagram account was closed on March 25, which coincides with the time Wermerling was made aware of the allegations and the screenshots.

Aldine ISD released the following statement:

Aldine ISD has been made aware of a MacArthur High School staff member being charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a MacArthur student. The district takes this allegation seriously and is fully cooperating with authorities. The Aldine ISD Police Department launched an investigation and once it was completed turned over its findings to the Harris County District Attorney's Office. The staff member was removed from the campus once the district learned of the allegation and will not be returning. The safety and security of our students will continue to be a top priority in Aldine ISD.

Wermeling is free after posting a $10,000 bond.

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