What is it? A spiral vegetable cutter.

What does it claim? The product can turn veggies into healthy spaghetti, giving you perfect, delicious pasta without the carbs!

Who tested it? Matthew May, who is a personal chef, caterer, culinary expert and owner of

What are the instructions? The product comes with two pieces, the spiral cutter with two openings and the safety holder to keep your vegetables steady while you use Veggetti. To get started with your Veggetti you should first wash and dry the vegetables you are going to use. Then hold the Veggetti firmly by the 'metal handles,' which are located on the sides of your product. Next, insert your favorite vegetable into the desired opening of Veggetti. There are two opening choices. You can pick 'thin' to achieve thin strands or 'thick' to achieve thick strands. Now, hold your Veggetti over a bowl or cutting board and twist the vegetable clockwise while pushing forward. Be sure to separate the vegetable strands if needed. Be very careful not to insert your fingers into the opening of Veggetti. When the vegetable becomes too small to hold, use the included 'safety holder' to finish. Once you have formed your vegetable pasta into a pile you can cut it in half to create shorter more manageble strands.

Did it work? Our tester thought there were a few fun factors with the product. But he didn't like the fact that part of the vegetable that doesn't go all the way down in Veggetti gets wasted. He also found only a few vegetables that he tested that actually worked well with the product. He did however like the fact that it's top rack dishwasher safe. But over all he said he could not reccommend buying this product.

Cost/availability? We purchased Veggetti at Walgreens for $14.99.

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