NEWPORT NEWS -- The Peninsula Health District is advising residents in the Lakeside neighborhood of Newport News to be on the lookout for a fox that may be rabid.

On Monday, a fox bit a man who was sitting behind the steering wheel of a pick-up truck that was parked on Sunset Road.

It happened right in Daniel Fox's yard. 'The fox came up and bit him and latched onto his elbow and he fought it off and he finally ran into the house here and the fox chased him up on the porch,' he said.

Fox said the bite victim tried punching the animal to get it off his arm, but the animal wouldn't let go. Eventually the animal released itself after the man started slamming the door on it.

Animal Control officials believe the animal may be diseased or looking for a mate.

As a precaution, the victim has started post exposure treatment for rabies.

Anyone seeing a brownish-red, bushy-tailed fox about two feet tall is asked to contact the Peninsula Health District at 757-594-7340 or the non-emergency number at 757-247-2500.

Residents are reminded to report all wild animal bites and scratches to their physicians and the health departments, enjoy wildlife from a distance, and make sure their family pets are vaccinated and protected against the rabies virus.

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