VIRGINIA BEACH -- After hearing from worried residents about the safety of Sandbridge Road, city officials decided to make changes to a speed limit sign Tuesday.

The danger of the two-lane road was the focus of a Civic League meeting Monday night. Many people discussed what could be done to improve safety in the wake of a deadly crash that left four people dead.

Some suggested extending the shoulder or creating shoulder space where there is none and extending no-passing zones. Another complaint is the lack of lights on the dark stretch of road.

'We just need a better road, and I think it could be done. We're better than this. We can provide a safer road. We can do it,' resident Crystal White said.

One resident pointed out a 45 mph sign near an 'S' turn that could be confusing to drivers because it was so close to a 35 mph zone.

In response, Virginia Beach Public Works Director Phil Davenport said the 45 mph sign was moved further down the street near Seibert Realty Tuesday.

'In order to eliminate confusion, we moved the sign a bit further west,' Davenport said.

Davenport said the change was made because residents were alarmed after last week's deadly crash.

'Whenever we have a crash of any kind, whether there are fatalities or not, we look at what were some of the causes of the accident and are there any things we can do to make the area safer,' Davenport said.

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