NORFOLK -- Members of Tidewater Bikers meet-up group rode to honor fellow biker Andrew Tuck Saturday.

June 5, a car hit Tuck while he was riding at 38th Street and Colley Avenue. He died from his injuries.

Tuck's longtime friend Jonathan Squillaci said he was a fairly new rider and had just gotten his motorcycle. 13News Now asked Squillaci if he thought Tuck's inexperience may have played a part in the wreck.

'He was always a safe guy. He had a good head on his shoulders, and he was very smart about everything,' said Squillaci.

Two days after the crash involving Tuck, Virginia State Police said Jennifer Walker of Hampton swerved to avoid traffic on Interstate 664 near the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel in Newport News. Walker's SUV hit motorcyclist Taiesha Wilson and killed her. Troopers charged Walker with Felony Hit-and-run after they tracked her down.

Tidewater Bikers creator Samuel Casey said the group wants to educate people about the dangers of riding.

'Be aware of the bikers, man, because we don't have anything but the road to protect us,' said Casey.

Derek Galvao said members also hope to send a message to everyone about being safe on the road for everyone's sake.

'We have to watch out and make sure that we are watching out for other cars, too. Sometimes, we don't do the right things, but everyone makes mistakes. Every day we are always in the face of danger, so we have to make sure that we pay attention to that,' said Galvao.

Norfolk police tell 13News Now they still are investigating Tuck's case. Once the results are turned over to the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, prosecutors will determine if charges will be filed against the driver involved in that crash.

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