VIRGINIA BEACH -- As far as beach weeks go, this one started off well. It may not finish the same way because of Tropical Storm Arthur.

'We chose to come here, rather than go to Myrtle Beach,' explained Linda French who enjoyed time with her family at the Oceanfront Tuesday.

She and her family from West Virginia switched up their coming -- and possibly they're going -- because of the impact that Arthur could have had on their time away from home.

'We possibly would have stayed longer, but since the system's coming in, we decided we'd go back and spend our time on the river in the cabin,' French said.

BeachStreetUSA said there were preliminary discussions about moving the Fourth of July fireworks display at the Oceanfront to Saturday, but it had not made a decision as of late Tuesday.

Mike Hilton with Integrated Management Group told 13News Now there would have to be some conversation with the police department before it would move the fireworks. He added there might be a decision by Wednesday. He also pointed out that even if rain is not an issue, water conditions could be a problem because the fireworks are launched from a barge.

Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service also is monitoring the weather, as it normally does, on daily, hourly, up-to-the-minute bases.

'We just need to be ready, though, for the conditions in the water to maybe be a little more dangerous than usual, and if they are, we're gonna let people know about that. We'll use the red flags. We'll be on our whistles. We'll be keeping people in a little closer than typical,' said Tom Gill with VBLS.

Gill recommended people follow standard safety tips when visiting the beach, including swimming in front of manned lifeguard stands. Lifeguards are on duty from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., daily, with reduced staffing until dusk.

'We know that we might have to expect some things. We might have to move equipment around if we have to, but, again, we're gonna play this by ear. We're still pretty far out. I think it's gonna be a great Fourth of July Weekend, you know, maybe Friday's not the best in the world, but Saturday and Sunday are gonna be great.'

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