VIRGINIA BEACH -- Several cars were burglarized in Virginia Beach early Monday morning.

The string of incidents occurred in the Woodscape subdivision around 4:30 a.m., police said.

Multiple vehicles were targeted on Sampson Lane, Northface Court, Highnoon Place and Woodscape Lane.

Andrew James Jr. has only lived in the community for a month and had two cars broken into.

'Money was removed from it. A PlayStation was removed from it and several other tedious items. They broke the arm rest in one of my cars. I just bought my son brand new cleats to play football in. They took those too,' Jame said.

Police are still investigating as to how many vehicles were targeted and how many suspects there may be.

'I could have sworn I was moving into a nice, safe neighborhood. I guess not,' James said.

Police have not released a suspect description and no further details have been provided.

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