What is it? A tinted attachment for your visor that flips down to block the glare of the sun

What does it claim? To stop blinding sun and dangerous glare

Who tested it? Nikki Reed of Virginia Beach, a realtor who spends a lot of time behind the wheel

What Are The Instructions? While your car is in park, pull the visor down - it can be used on the passenger or driver's side. Slowly ease the open end of the Easy View XT visor clips onto the bottom of the visor. Make sure that both clips grip the visor securely, but do not force them because the clips may break if expanded too far.

Once it's installed, flip the Easy View XT down and adjust it so it blocks the glare of the sun for you. Be sure to always maintain direct vision through the windshield while driving.

If you do not need to use the Sun Terminator, which is attached to the Easy View XT, slide it all the way to the right or left to maintain optimum vision on the road ahead.

You can also use Easy View XT to block glare on side window. Just fold your Easy View up and out of the way above the visor. Then carefully unhinge your car's visor from its locked position. Next, slowly swivel the visor to the left or right if you are doing it on the passenger side and carefully fold the visor back down. Now pull the Easy View down from its stored position and adjust it to suit your needs. You can also us the Sun Terminator in this position to block the glare where it is the strongest.

When you are not using the Easy View, it can be folded up and out of the way on top of the visor. Do not use the Easy View if it interferes with the proper stored position of your visor or if your visor can unexpectedly drop down.

Did it work? Reed thought it did a good job blocking some of the glare, but she wished that it would block more. She didn't really think the 'Sun Terminator' attachment added any extra benefit either, that said, she also found Easy View XT to have many benefits that sunglasses don't. She liked that it's always attached to her visor, so she doesn't have to go searching for it and there's no chance she's going to break it by accidentally sitting on it.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Easy View XT at Walmart for $9.88.

Additional Comments:
-- There are no tools or assembly required with Easy View XT.
-- Never try to install or remove the Easy View while driving. Be sure to pull over and stop your vehicle before you install or remove it.

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