Bishop Sullivan Cathlolic's golf team returns plenty from a squad that went an impressive 11-2 a year ago.

They have a new twist to this year's edition in the form of freshman Elisa Trent. She's the lone female on the Crusaders all-boys team and the first since 1997.

Trent brings with her some credentials. She was the number one player on the all-boys junior varsity team. Trent has heard it all when it comes to playing against the guys.

"I like going out there and beating them", she says. "They'd just assume your bad because your girl, but when you go out there and play with them, they go, 'how'd she do that."

Trent has nothing but great support from her teammates.

"I think she's pretty good", says junior, Taylor Paasch. "I don't even think I was that good playing as a freshman."

She enjoys golf, but has other interest outside the support like field hockey and tennis. On top of that she was a Miss Pre-Teen Virginia Beach in 2005, but her passion is on the links.

"I want to be a pro golfer when I get older. It's a great experience. I just love it." And she's only going to get better.

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