Kara Lawson's cabinets may look a lot like yours. They're filled with the cleaning products she's tried over the years. Some have worked, some haven't . "I have a lot of different types of stain removers," she said.

But she didn't have a bottle of Didi Seven Ultra. So she wanted to put it to the Does It Work test.

First, she tried it on a grease stain on her shirt. She wet the stain, as directed, and applied the product. But nothing happened.

She checked the instructions again and realized she hadn't used hot water. So, she tried again. "It seems to be lightening. I don't think it's disappearing exactly. Oh, wait, yes it is. It just totally disappeared."

So far, so good.

Next stop was the bedroom carpet. For those spots, the instructions called to use Didi Seven Ultra with club soda. She saw it work immediately. "I think they're gone completely. Wow, that is impressive because that didn't take any work at all."

Excited about the results, Lawson tried it on every carpet stain she could find, even an old wine stain. Each time, she got the same results.

"It was so easy to use and it's convenient because it's in a small container instead of a cumbersome container with a spray nozzle."

Lawson was impressed with the convenience and the results! "It's wonderful. I will definitely use it. I think I'll go out and get some."

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