VIRGINIA BEACH -- The lines were long and the affection WAS genuine for Daniel Cudmore, Christian Serratos and Alex Meraz, aka Felix, Angela and Paul in the vampire versus wolfpack love stories known as the Twilight Saga.

NAS Oceana invited the trio to meet the troops and appear at the Exchange.

Actor Alex Meraz said he got his start six years ago in Colonial Williamsburg as an extra in the movie New World.

'Six years later, almost to the day, I am flying back here. It's a private jet and I am looking around. It's so bizarre to me. It was really really humbling,' said Meraz.

300 families won a chance to meet the actors onstage and get a photo taken with them.

'It was great and we loved coming out and meeting the characters of the show we've read the books. We love it. We watched the movies dozens of times. We're total Twi-hard fanatics,' said Deborah Boggs.

The Navy presented the three with jackets and caps from VFA-31 'The Tomcatters.' The actors also got a ride in a simulator.

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