What is it? An ultra slim book light and magnifier

What does it claim? To make it easy to read at night without disturbing others and it will magnify what you're reading up to three times.

Who tested it? Robin Weimer, a mortgage processor who has to read a lot of fine print on contracts daily

What Are The Instructions? To get started slide off the battery cover and remove plastic tab covering the batteries. Page Brite can be used with lights on or off. Place Page Brite directly on the page for normal reading or lift off of the page to magnify. For hands free reading, slide out non slip clip and place into opening on top of the Page Brite. The non slip clip can be clipped around a page or used as a stand for the Page Brite. Page Brite can be cleaned with a clean damp cloth.

Did it work? Our tester really liked it. While it's mainly designed to be a great way to read in bed at night. She found it to be perfect for her job. She has to read a lot of fine print which requires her to have to wear reading glasses. She has eye problems when she has to go from using her reading glasses for the fine print to the computer. But with Page Brite she doesn't have any problems. Plus she says Page Brite is a lot easier to find than her glasses.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Page Brite at Walgreens for $9.99.

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