What is it? A zippered wrist pouch.

What does it claim? To help you carry what you need with ease.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Joan Smith.

What Are The Instructions? It's pretty simple. Basically you pick either a red, black or tan Wrist Wallet from the package and unzip it. Now just fill it with the items you will need with you while you're out - things like cash, keys, cards, IDs and more.

Just keep in mind that once you load up the Wrist Wallet with what you need, you still have to be able to put in on your wrist. You can fit a small cell phone or MP3 player in it as well. The key word here being small.

Now you're ready to slide it onto your wrist and head out the door. If you wear it to exercise, it's important to note that the Wrist Wallet is machine washable.

Did it work? Our tester thought it did a pretty good job. She used it to walk her dog Frank. She was even able to fit her cell phone in the Wrist Wallet. She didn't like the material it's made out of, but she said that wouldn't keep her from using it. It gave her the ability to have her hands free to control the dog and not be juggling all the things she's normally carrying with her.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase a set of three Wrist Wallets for $10.99 at Michael's Arts and Craft Store.

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