Audience member Christine tells Dr. Oz that she had stage 3 ovarian cancer, which spread to the colon lining of her stomach. Christine goes on to inform Dr. Oz that she had chemotherapy for six months, and she wants to know how much her chemistry changed throughout that time.

Dr. Oz explains that in chemotherapy, much like any other major stressful body event, it is critically important to give your body time to heal and rebuild the telomeres (regions at the end of chromosomes that protect chromosomes from deterioration) that are damaged from stressful events. Dr. Oz indicates that Christine's body will need some time to heal and regenerate.

Audience member Zoola informs Dr. Oz that she is a diabetic. At night, Zoola's hands get extremely tight, and she doesn't know why.

Dr. Oz explains that sugar molecules in diabetes are often much like traveling broken pieces of glass shards scraping the arteries. The neurons that bring electricity to the limbs cut-out, and often result in muscular weakness and spasms. Dr. Oz reiterates the importance of controlling blood sugar and suggests that Zoola take magnesium and omega 3's along with her medication.

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