An audience member asks Dr. Oz why she is always feeling hot and experiencing red color in her skin, and that she has experienced these conditions most of her life.

Dr. Oz asks a series of questions and notes that his initial thoughts of causes are hormonal levels. Since the audience member has tested negative on hormonal problems, Dr. Oz implies that some people are just wired differently and are more susceptible to feeling hotter than others.

Audience member Christina asks Dr. Oz what he thinks is the best cure for a hangover.

Dr. Oz says that if you drink alcohol, you should always drink a glass of water in-between each alcoholic drink. Dr. Oz further explains that most hangovers are not only a result of the toxins going to the brain, but are also due to dehydration. Dr. Oz goes on to note that once one already has a hangover, protein is a big help. Dr. Oz states that caffeine helps too, but only if hydrated. And beyond some over the counter pain medication, the most important help for recovery is sleep.

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