What is it? A specially shaped and designed de-tangling hair brush.

What does it claim? To be the ultimate de-tangler that won't damage hair. It gently separates the hair without pulling it.

Who tested it? 9-year old Henry Graychochea and his mother Kathleen. He's growing out his hair for Locks of Love and is finding that the longer his hair gets, the more tangles he gets.

What are the instructions? The original Hair Bean professional can be used on all hair types and wet or dry hair. Using it is pretty easy. If you know how to brush your hair, then you can use the Hair Bean.

It has alternating bristles and 'memory flex' technology which the makers say is what helps you to gently remove tangles without pulling your hair. It's shaped like a big lima bean. That's how it gets it's name. But that shape also gives you more control as you are trying to brush the tangles out of your hair.

Did it work? Our tester was very impressed. He usually has to use a special spray to try and get the tangles out of his hair and it doesn't always work. Henry says he usually tries to avoid brushing or combing his hair because it hurts so much. With the Hair Bean he had no problems and more importantly, no pain. He says this product will definitely have him brushing more often, and that of course was music to his mother's ears.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Hair Bean for $9.99 at area Bed, Bath & Beyond stores.

Additional Comments: The Hair Bean also comes with a travel case and a built in mirror.

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