What is it? A plastic kitchen tool that chops ground meat and can also be used to stir frozen juice concentrate and soups.

What does it claim? To be the only kitchen tool that chops ground meat in a fraction of the time.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Kathryn Copeland.

What are the instructions? The first thing you need to do is place fresh or partially-thawed ground meat in a pan over medium-high heat. Then, using enough pressure to cut through the meat, chop into approximately one inch chunks. Continue to cook meat until browning begins.

To chop meat into smaller pieces, keep the meat in the center of the pan by turning the ChopStir slowly around the side of the pan as you chop. If you want, you can pour off the excess grease. If you want a finer texture, wait until the meat is almost completely browned and chop it into even smaller pieces with the ChopStir until the meat reaches your desired size. Be sure not to leave the ChopStir in the pan when you are not using it.

Did it work? Our tester says ChopStir does work. She says it takes some getting use to, especially to try and figured out how to turn it and make the meat flip so you could brown both sides. She also discovered that by spraying it with cooking spray, she could save even more time browning her meat. That's because the spray kept the meat from sticking to the ChopStir and she didn't have to keep banging it on the side of the pan to get knock the meat off of it.

Even though Copeland says ChopStir does work, she says it's probably not something that she will add to her kitchen collection. She says space in her kitchen is at a premium. So she would need ChopStir to do a lot more in order to take up space in her kitchen.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase ChopStir at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $7.99.

Additional Comments: ChopStir is dishwasher safe.

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