NORFOLK -- New technology is allowing doctors to detect skin cancer before it's visible to the human eye.

27-year-old Kelly Norvell said the new, full body scan may have saved her life. She was diagnosed with invasive melanoma.

Dr. David Pariser, a dermatologist, says its imperative that people get full body skin checks. He has the new machine at his office and will begin using it next week.

'This has been very helpful for the person who has many moles,' said Dr. Pariser.

He says it takes an hour, but patients get results the same day.

Meantime, Norvell says she is doing her best to stay positive.

'I have no other choice. I have to get through it. I'm too young,' she said.

Norvell wants to tell everyone to pay attention to any moles on your body.

Without insurance, a body skin check costs up to $120.

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