What is it? a soft mitt that is infused with an all natural powder formula that gently and evenly wipes away sand

What does it claim? to be guaranteed to work easily with no water or rough towels required

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident Kelly Campbell and her two children Anna, who's almost 3 and Andrew who is one

What Are The Instructions? To get started, just pat the terry cloth to promote the powder flow. Rub affected body parts to get sand off. Repeat as necessary. For best results, air dry and then store product in enclosed plastic bag between uses. When all the powder has been used, the mitt can be disposed or washed for use with household cleaning products. It is good for up to 40 uses

Did it work Campbell was really impressed! She says she has tried everything but she never seems to be able to get all the sand off her children. Sand-Off! Mitt was so easy to use even little Anna could do it. Campbell says she also likes that the Mitt is unscented and conviently packs up and is ready to go for the next trip to the beach or the sandbox.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Sand-Off! Mitt at Bed Bath and Beyond for $7.99. It says it's good for up to 40 uses.

Additional Comments:
It's for external use only. You should avoid contact with eyes or broken skin. Also avoid excessive use around children's faces to prevent inhalation of powders which may cause breathing difficulty.

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