CHESAPEAKE - Friday was the first day for absentee voting in person in Virginia.

According to William Spradlin, the registrar for the City of Chesapeake, Hampton Roads and northern Virginia get many requests for absentee ballots because of the high number of military personnel.

Registrars also take calls from citizens concerned about people volunteering to help them fill out absentee ballot applications and ballots.

Spradlin says you have to be careful of people offering to help you during election season.

'The problem is two basic thingspeople are doing - asking if they can register you to vote and you have to be careful they don't help you either register or fill in your absentee ballot.' warns Spradlin.

Spradlin said there are specific forms that must be signed for someone to assist you with an absentee ballot.

The Virginia State Board of Elections has posted information about the rules for absentee voting. If you have questions, you can also contact the voter registar where you live.

Absentee voting ends for in-person absentee voters on the Saturday before the election.

The state Board of Elections also will be mailing new voter registration cards to Virginia's approximately 4.7 million active registered voters. The mailing will include identification requirements and important election deadlines.

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