NORFOLK -- A big change took place Monday morning at Naval Station Norfolk.

A new security measure requiring every driver of every vehicle going into the base to scan their ID card started Monday.

It is day one of a six week program to improve security.

This exercise, however, could cause some traffic problems around the base.

Scanning the new common access cards won't take long, but the few extra seconds could quickly add up when you consider 30,000 plus vehicles are giong into the base on a daily basis.

'I don't mind the traffic but if we're safe that's all that matters,' said Sony Ngeburi.

Every Navy-issued ID card will be electronically scanned, verifying and validating that person's credentials to enhance force protection.

'My biggest thing that I'm always concerned about is the safety and security of this base and of course all of our naval installations throughout the world,' said Captain David Culler.

Scanning is in the testing phase, and it will last until the end of October.During that time, no one will be granted or denied access to the base becuase of a problem with the card.

Even though this is just practice, everyone is required to present their card at the gate, and traffic will be closely monitored.

'My security team working with the folks outside the fence line are very aware of the traffic when it starts to get backed up and so we'll be able to flex this capability so that we can keep the traffic moving,' said Capt. Culler.

Depending on how bad traffic gets, the Navy may not scan the cards the entire time.

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