NORFOLK For nearly 25 years, Festevents has made Town Point Park look like someone turned over a giant toy box.

From toddler town to animal alley, this annual children's festival is family entertainment at its finest. Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles all act as tour guides for little ones on a fantasy trip to places like education station.

This event has really become a tradition over the years. It's always on a Saturday in October. In 1988, Karen Scherberger and the Festevents team came up with the idea to turn the park over to the kids.

The Red Hatter and Scrap Exchange is where recycled goods are made into fun stuff. The Hurrah Players have been to every one of these festivals. 'We have Hurrah Players who like to get out in the community. The Virginia Children's festival is one of the best opportunities to mingle with families who care and families who want adventure and theater,' Hugh Copeland explained.

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