NORFOLK--Hours ahead of Mitt Romney's rally in Newport News Monday, supporters of President Barack Obama talked about Romney's visit and foreign policy.

Retired Admiral John B. Nathman, Rep. Bobby Scott and U.S. Coast Guard Veteran Nancy McPherson held a press conference at 10:30 a.m. at the Obama campaign's office on W. 20th Street.

Nathman and Scott pointed out that Romney's 59-point economic plan doesn't mention veterans, making the GOP nominee the wrong choice for Virginians.

Nathman says veterans need to know that President Obama is centered on veterans' support.

'What he's trying to do and remember, he inherited these problems, he didn't create them, he didn't decide that we need to invade Iraq and lead to a catastrophic foreign policy. He's actually pulled us out of that particular fight and he now has the timelines out of Afghanistan. These, I think are really a lot more than symbolic. These are really showing that he has the veteran's back on this -- I'm talking now veterans who are 25, 26 years old,' Nathman stated.

They also stated that defense sequestration shouldn't be a big concern, noting that the bill was specifically designed to be over the top so that no one would support it.

'The sequester challenge was nothing more than an incentive to get Congress to reach a compromise on both entitlements and tax and revenue, so the opportunity is still there and what it will take is some leadership, finally, out of the Republicans to agree that balance has to be achieved,' Nathman added.

Not to be outdone, Republicans supplied a surrogate to speak up for Mitt Romney.

Arizona Senator and 2008 GOP presidential nominee, John McCain, was recruited by the Romney campaign to conduct interviews with local media in support of Romney's two campaign appearances in Virginia today.

McCain told 13News that Romney is the superior choice on military matters, noting that President Obama has not exhibited enough leadership to prevent sequestration defense cuts.

'I'm not blaming the president solely,' said McCain, who accepted some of the blame for having voted last year for the Budget Control Act.

The measure sets up the mechanism for the cuts to begin Jan. 2, 2013.

'It was a dumb vote,' McCain said.

'I'm blaming the president for not heeding our request. Three Republicans, three Democrats, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee and I have begged the president to sit down and help us and we'll help him fix this.'

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