NEWPORT NEWS -- With four weeks to go until the election, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a campaign stop at Victory Landing Park Monday, delivering an address on domestic issues.

His speech in Downtown Newport News lasted less than 10 minutes, but touched on several points including the economy, creating jobs, and defense spending.

'This president, also, has made it very clear, if he's re-elected, why, he's gonna continue to cut the military,' Romney said. 'His budget plan and sequestration plan would take the military spending down by about a trillion dollars. That would cut jobs in Virginia by approximately 200,000 people. If I am elected, I will restore funding to our military budget. I will not cut our military commitment.'

'We lived in Massachusetts when he ran against Kennedy and said then, he needs to become President,' Lisa Campbell, who owns a small business and whose husband is former military.

'He's a true leader. He knows how to get things done. He knows how to take people from the right and the left and get them to agree to a consensus that's going to help everyone, to stop bickering and fighting, and just get it done what's right for the American people,' Campbell told 13News.

'I think he's gonna get us out of debt,' offered Tammy Latta.'I mean, I like everything about him. I like his morals, his values. I like his wife. I like everything he has to say.'

Romney promised that if he wins the election, he will make sure tax policies, regulatory policies, and health care line up to create an environment in which small businesses can grow and thrive.

'We have to do that to get jobs going again,' he explained, ''cause small business is where two-thirds of new jobs are created.'

'I just think he's really gonna put us back, economically, on the right path, and, for me, that's important,' Travis Hileman said. 'I'm graduating from college this year, and, so, I really want to see better jobs out there.'

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