YORK COUNTY-School lunch sales are dropping because the food is too healthy.

This is the first year for the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which requires cafeteria food have less salt and fewer calories in an effort to fight childhood obesity.

York County Schools says many students are now bringing their lunches and often have junk food.

'Were not seeing this as unique to York county at all. Other school divisions are seeing the same thing. It's not necessarily about the quality or taste. It seems to be the calorie limit. We're hearing the kids say that it's not enough food,' Schools spokeswoman Katherine Goff said.

The USDA mandates a school lunch in grades K-5 must provide between 550 and 650 calories; for grades 6-8 between 600 and 700 calories; for grades 9-12 between 750 and 850 calories.

Some students also say they need to buy two lunches to curb their hunger, which could put a strain on family budgets.

York Co. education officials say the decrease in sales means less revenue for schools to cover the cost of the food service programs.

For now, staff members are monitoring sales and working with the food service contractor to improve the lunch program and still meet federal mandate.

Information about school lunch sales will be presented to the York Co. School Board at its November 6 work session.

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