NORFOLK-- Despite high water that caused flooding in low-lying areas of Hampton Roads and swamped the Eastern Shore,many people are grateful damage from Hurricane Sandy wasn't worse.

Sandycame ashore about 300 miles northin Atlantic City, New Jersey and officials say it'sthe worst storm to ever strike that state. Battery Park in New York got about 12 to 13 feet of water from the storm surge.

If Sandy had turned sooner and Hampton Roads had taken a direct hit,what would our area look like? The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood Plain Management Office looks at all of the possibilities before a storm. Officialsbelieveit could have broken our 1933 flood record.

Michelle Hamor with the U.S. Army Corpssays at the Va. Baech Oceanfront, the seawall itself we be under roughly 6 inches of water should there be a 13-foot rise in the water level . recently published a report that showed Norfolk and Virginia Beach as being among top five U.S.cities most vulnerable to hurricanes. Italso pointed out that Chesapeake has 'one of the fastest rates of sea level rise in the country, due to a combination of global warming and the natural sinking of land in this region.'

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