VIRGINIA BEACH-- A Chesapeake sherrif's deputy, who is the son of Va. Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle, was acqutted this week of a driving under the influence charge.

A special retired General District Court judge heard the case.

The judge found Kenneth W. Stolle Jr., 27, not guilty of drunken driving, but convicted him of misdemeanor hit-and-run and fined him $250.

The charges were brought after a rear-end collision on Virginia Beach Boulevard the night of Nov. 14th.

Stolle is the son of Virginia Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle and the nephew of Virginia Beach Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Colin Stolle.

An attorney from the Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office prosecuted it, to avoid a conflict of interest.

Stolle's insurance covered the damage to the other driver's vehicle, which was less than $500, said Amanda Howie, a spokeswoman for the Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office,

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