HAMPTON-- Green Learning is a nineteen-page guide, filled with colorful, environmental tidbits designed to capture the imagination of sixth graders.

'It's got all kinds of stuff about storm-water pollution prevention, what to recycle, where to recycle, the value of tap water and encouraging people to choose tap water over bottled water,' said Lisa Hardy of and representatives from Hampton City Schools spoke with 13News Thursday about the value of this new green learning tool.

'This Green Learning guide is a perfect match with the SOL's for sixth grade. We've got the SOL 6.5 which deals with water and 6.7 which deals with watersheds,' said Richard McDonald, science curriculum leader for Hampton City Schools.

The guide is full of quizzes for all ages and students can even earn cash for the classroom.

'There's a home schematic that shows the kids when water runs off your roof it goes into your lawn and how does that affects our larger waterways,' said Brianna Venner of

'And as a teacher, that is one of the things I love about this guide, is all the relevant points. So this is not going to stay in the classroom, it's going to come home and be a conversation starter,' said Heather Lee Greer, K-12 master Science teacher.

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