NORFOLK - Organization is key to getting control of clutter around the house. Getting rid of the clutter on your computer can be difficult, but dealing with it is the same concept.

Karen Clark, a busy mother with a two-year-old, admits she's neglected her computer.

'It's like when you remember years ago your desk piling up and you don't realize it and then you look and your desk is piled with papers. That's what I feel like happens with the computer,' she says.

Social media specialist Naoma Doriguzzi says clutter really piles up in this digital age.

'If we don't start cleaning up, it's just going to get more and more overwhelming and consuming,' she states.

Doriguzzi is helping Clark with the task. First and most importantly, Clark has to back up her computer. Doriguzzi says she backs up her personal computer to an external hard drive once a month - at least.

After that, Doriguzzi sees that photos are taking up a lot of Clark's computer space. Clark says taking pictures is her passion, especially since daughter Emma was born two years ago. Turns out that Clark has more than 18,000 pictures on her computer.

To deal with the photos, Doriguzzi introduces Clark to Picasa, a site for organizing and editing digital pictures. It also makes it easy to share photos because they're stored online.

Doriguzzi says that's important these days.

'We don't print photos anymore. We take them digitally, so how are you going to organize them? You can keep them on your phone, but what if you lose your phone? If you put them online, then you can organize them by date and you don't have to worry about losing them,' she says.

Another benefit is that you can log on anywhere and get the photos for free. All you need is a Gmail account.

That's exactly what Clark is looking for, but she admits she's a little apprehensive.

'I'm afraid if I move something, it's going to be lost. I don't know where it's going to go or if I can get it back,' she wonders.

How safe are sites like Picasa? Doriguzzi says it's just as secure as carrying around a planner, which you can lose, too. She says she's been using Google apps for a few years and they've really helped simplify her life. In fact, she says she wouldn't use anything else.

She also shows Clark step by step how to download her thousands of pictures to Picasa. The best part is with the pictures moved, Clark can clear them off her computer to make room for more.

Clark says it's a lot easier than she thought it would be. She knows it will take a while to get all of her pictures moved, but she's going to dedicate a little time each day to do it.

She also is going to take Doriguzzi's advice to save only the best photos, the ones that truly capture the moment.

It may not happen overnight, but Clark's confident that she will eventually declutter her computer.

'It's not as daunting as it appeared before. It seems doable and that makes me happy,' she says.

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