NORFOLK -- A Norfolk judge has continued the case against a 15-year-old accused of killing a Norfolk high school student after new evidence was presented by the defense.

The teen is accused of killing 19-year-old David 'Deeboy' White, a Lake Taylor student, after a football game at Booker T. Washington High School on September 28th.

At a certification hearing Tuesday the judge was presented with 67 pages of new evidence.

The teenager's lawyer believes this new evidence proves the 15-year-old is innocent. The Commonwealth's Attorney says he is not sure about that yet.

This is the 4th time the case has been continued and the judge showed frustration that investigators are taking so much time to gather evidence about a crime that happened in September.

The mother of the accused says her son did not murder White.She says her son is an honor roll student at Booker T. Washington and has never been in trouble before.

According the the mother, her son plays basketball, baseball and football. He taught himself how to play the piano and has dreams of pursing a music career or becoming an engineer.

The mother says they don't have guns in their home, and says there are rumors swirling about who killed White.

The family of the accused says they have faith that he will be set free.

The teen remains in juvenile detention.

David White's mother said she is too emotional to give a statement and says it's tough dealing with her loss so close the holidays.

The next hearing is set for January 15 at 2 p.m.

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