RICHMOND-- In response to Governor Bob McDonnell's comments Tuesday, saying now is the time to talk about arming Virginia teachers, the PTA has released a statement saying, 'guns and schools don't mix.'

Virginia's PTA president Anne Carson says, 'As the largest parent advocacy group in Virginia, the Virginia PTA is reiterating its long-held priority to promote safe, non-violent learning environments for our students.'

Carson feels that statements suggesting arming school personnel are not appropriate. 'We are greatly concerned that Governor McDonnell would even consider discussing options where children would be exposed to an environment where teachers are armed. We join the Virginia Education Association in opposing this suggestion.'

In the statement, the PTA went one step further, asking the governor and General Assembly to close what they call the 'gun-show loophole.'

Virginia's PTA worked to enact legislation to create gun-free zones around schools resulting in new laws in 1994.

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