NEWPORT NEWS A grinch took a little girl's gifts from under the tree, but Newport News police wouldn't let the scrooge steal her Christmas spirit.

Friday night, police say crooks broke into Jaquita Stephenson's home, and stole all the presents.

'It was four days before Christmas. They could have taken the TV, but why did they have to mess with the Christmas tree?'

Stephenson is a single mother. She explained she worked hard to buy presents for her seven-year-old daughter. Newport News police started investigating, but took things a step further, 'No one wants to see a kid ever lose their Christmas, or not have a Christmas.'

Officer Ramon Quinones worked to collect donations from other officers. Soon local businesses also gave money. More than $1,500 came in to help buy all new presents for Stephenson. 'This shows there are good people out here to help me. My daughter is still going to have a good Christmas.'

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