VIRGINIA BEACH - There's some good news about the flu season. The government says cases are leveling off and, in some areas, they're on the decline.

If you haven't gotten a vaccination, you can get one for free at the Va. Beach Health Department Friday afternoon.

Deborah Batakist, the nurse manager, says the CDC numbers for our region convinced them to have one more flu clinic.

'We brought a hundred vaccines, but we can always get more. The stores ran out simply because they didn't order enough,' she said.

Children age 3 years and older and all adults can get one at 4452 Corporation Lane. Health department officials stress that up-to-date shot records should be brought by parents for their children ages 3 to 8 years.

For more information call 518-2700 and follow the prompts to the operator

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says pediatric deaths nationwide from the flu reached 37 this week. About 100 children die in an average flu season.

Flu season in Virginia is from October through May and right now, flu activity is considered widespread, according to the Va. Department of Health. That means flu outbreaks or increases have occurred in at least half the state.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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