RICHMOND- Two years ago, it became law for coaches of Virginia public school teams to pull a student-athlete from the game if there are concerns about the child having a concussion.

Now, doctors and some lawmakers are trying to expand the law to cover youth sports leagues because more children play on recreational leagues than on school teams.

A bill requiring all youth sports leagues to develop concussion training, evaluation and treatment policies died in the state House Wednesday. But the idea has support in the Senate.

House Bill 1719 would have required coaches and employees to complete annual training on concussions. School divisions and youth sports organizations would have had to provide concussion information to parents. Groups also would have to develop procedures for recognizing concussion symptoms and ensuring athletes with concussions get cleared medically before resuming the sport.

The House Students and Early Education Subcommittee cited problems with enforcement as a reason for killing the legislation.

A companion bill, SB 1252, is making its way in the state Senate.

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