HAMPTON--In Hampton Roads we often hear of how sequestration would impact military installations and shipyards, but there are some little people who are at risk too.

In Virginia, more than 1,440 children could be cut from the Head Start program if sequestration cuts go into effect March 1.

In Hampton Roads, 141 students could be cut from enrollment and 30 people may lose their job.

Nancy Null is the director of the Office of Human Affairs Head Start programs for Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake.

Null says the program makes sure that children from low income families are prepared for kindergarten.

'These are children who would not receive a preschool experience, so we want to make sure that they're ready just like their peers,' said Null.

Null says she's lost sleep worrying what will happen to all those children if Congress can't come to some type of agreement before March 1.

'My concern for sequestration would be who to cut, where to cut and how to cut. It would be very difficult for us to determine who doesn't get the service and who does,' Null explained.

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