NORFOLK---It's a last-ditch effort to change part of the transportation bill coming out of Richmond.

Two Northern Virginia lawmakers have started an online petition that urges the governor to line-item veto the $100 fee on fuel-efficient and hybrid car owners.

Thousands of opponents, who argue that the fee sends the wrong message to environmentally conscientious drivers, have signed the petition.

Even if the petition is a success, a select group of fuel-efficient car owners will still pay more at the pump.

A 6% tax on diesel fuel, aimed at truck drivers who add extra wear and tear on Virginia's roadways, will come back to compact car owners who also use the fuel.

Adam Massie owns a fuel-efficient Volkswagen Jetta that runs on diesel. 'If the Hybrid owners end up not getting the $100 fee, then I feel like I'm getting the raw end of the deal,' said Massie.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the amount of cars that run on diesel is expected to triple in the next decade.

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