VIRGINIA BEACH-- The City of Virginia Beach has introduced new proposals to ease the parking pain along the Oceanfront.

During Thursday's informational meeting, the city's Office of Strategic Growth introduced new proposals aimed at increasing parking efficiency.

'The biggest issue is the impact of parking on residential neighborhoods and the concern that the new form-based code would add additional stress,' said Barry Frankenfield, Director of the Office of Strategic Growth.

Despite bold 'No Parking' signs, people living in neighborhoods surrounding the Oceanfront say when the summer comes, the battle for parking spots begins.

'It's a madhouse, I can barely get out of my driveway,' said Caroline Whisman, who lives at 16th Street.

Some say it's not the thousands of tourists causing the parking jam, but hundreds of seasonal workers.

'All of the cars and it's mainly restaurant workers, lifeguards, people that work down on the Oceanfront, they all park up and down this street so it's hard to even back out without almost hitting a car,' explained Whisman.

The city admits parking is not easy for seasonal workers and finding a solution has become a priority.

'We would look at raising the fees for employee parking permits, and look at providing other alternatives for employees to park in other city facilities, existing lots or existing properties to reduce the impact on those neighborhoods,' said Frankenfield.

The Office of Strategic Growth will add public input to their recommendations and release another report in mid-April.

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