NORFOLK-- As the military's civilian employees prepare for pay cuts because of the sequester, workers at commissaries are bracing for the same furloughs.

This week the Pentagon announced that all 247 of the military commissaries worldwide will likely have to close an additional day each week.

Employees at the commissaries received a memo on February 21 stating the stores will close on Wednesdays starting in late April until September.

For families in Hampton Roads who shop at the commissaries it's one less day to make a trip to the grocery store.

'It's going to be an inconvenience I think for a lot of people,' says Elaine Bunch who has been shopping at commissaries for more than 22 years, thanks to her husband's Navy job.

Bunch says she chooses to shop at commissaries not just because of the discount but because she wants to support the military.

'I like to go to the commissary because I know that's my family,' says Bunch. 'You get to know the cashiers, you get to know the people that are bagging your groceries because you go enough and that's your community.'

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