PORTSMOUTH-- In his first doctor's visit since going public with plans to drop 100 pounds, Portsmouth Mayor Kenneth Wright received some sobering news about his health Thursday.

The mayor weighs a little more than 400 pounds,he stands six feet, two inches tall, and he has a body mass index of 51.9.

According to Dr. Alison Christian-Taylor, Wright's BMI places him in the category ofmorbidly obese.

'The biggest risk factors that we see [for the morbidly obese]is the cardio-vascular risk to include heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease,' said Christian-Taylor.

After hearing the news, Mayor Wright reassessed his goal to lose 100 pounds in one year.

'My BMI is 51 and it should be less than 25. That means I'm twice has heavy as I should be,' said Wright.

BMI is a number calculated from a person's weight and height. According to the Centers for DiseaseControl, BMI is a reliable method of screening for weight categories that may lead to health problems.

Mayor Wright takes medication for type 2 diabetes, but has no other diagnosed serious health problems.

Armed with the new information on his BMI, Mayor Wright says he looks forward to turning 50 years old this year with a renewed determination to get in shape, evenif it means dropping 200 pounds.

Dr. Christian-Taylor says the mayor's goal is attainable.

'I think anyone who is motivated to make fundamental lifestyle changes, including a good healthy diet, and regular physical activity, you can attain that healthy BMI of less than 25.'

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