HAMPTON-- It's not potholes, but another slip on VDOT's part, that's frustrating drivers in Hampton.

The Department has done needed concrete replacement on the westbound stretch of I-64 heading into Hampton. However, drivers tell 13News that VDOT left the road unmarked without reflectors for months.

Drivers say it's difficult to see what lane you're supposed to be in, especially when it's raining and at night.

Alan Goeke drives that stretch of roadway and says it's been months since construction wrapped near the Fourth View exit and it is still without road markings and reflectors.

'I don't think they're holding their contractors accountable because VDOT should be inspecting the work of the contractors afterwards,' said Goeke.

Goeke is left wondering why, after completing the major work on I-64, VDOT didn't put these critical final touches on the roadway.

'It's basic stuff. It doesn't cost a lot of money to put stripes on the road,' said Goeke.

A VDOT spokesperson tells 13News they're working diligently to schedule a time to put the markings down and explained the area is still considered an active work zone, although drivers didn't spot any signs Monday that suggested work was still in progress.

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