HAMPTON-- It may not be the police work you're used to seeing but the Hampton Police Department is stepping into the digital age and using mobile apps to help fight crime.

Detective Brandt Hess says apps like 'Find My I-Phone' and 'Lookout' on Android devices give them another tool to help track burglars and get people back their stuff.

The app activates a GPS signal on things like phones, computers and tablets so they can be located if lost or stolen.

'It's not big brother watching you. It's making sure that you can find your stuff and give us some type of lead if anything ever happens to your property,' said Hess.

Hess says they've already put 'Find My I-Phone' into practice.

Police arrested 18-year-old Novia Best of Newport News after several stolen items were found in his possession, including a I-Pad with the tracking device app on it. Best was charged with grand larceny and burglary.

'Ninety percent of all burglaries go unsolved and this gives us another tool to try and find your property that is taken and the people that are responsible for it,' said Hess.

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