ACCOMACK COUNTY -- The relief was evident throughout the day Tuesday.

Virginia State Police arrested Tonya Bundick and Charles Smith, III (who also goes by the name Charlie Applegate). The girlfriend and boyfriend face charges related to a deliberately set fire in Melfa Monday night. Investigators also believe Bundick and Smith are responsible for the majority of arsons taking place in Accomack County since November.

'If they got 'em, I'm ecstatic, as I'm sure everybody else on the Shore probably is,' Ted Cathey of Onley told 13News.

'We're just so glad that their hard work has paid off by finally putting some people behind bars,' said Chef Johnny Mo, owner of Mallards at the Wharf in Onancock.

Mo also owned the old Mallards property which fell to arson in March.

'My oldest kid,' shared Mo, 'said, 'Daddy, they got the arsonists,' you know. I said, 'Yeah, you know, that's what happens when you pray, and you look for good things.'

'You never would expect it in this small community, to have such an individual be, kind of sick as they are, I guess would be the word. I mean, hopefully, it's over,' stated Richie Turner of Parksley. 'We're gonna see a lot of people that still worry, I'm sure, but the longer it goes without, the easier it'll be on everybody.'

'Once you know why, I think everybody'll understand it's over,' Allen Barfield said. 'You know, the Lower Shore, we're a good group of people down here. There's lots of people that come here on vacations and what not, and we want a good name for ourselves. We don't want it to be based on, you know, on an arsonist or crime of any sort, so it was good to finally get it over with.'

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