SUFFOLK - Police are closely watching comings and goings at King's Fork High School Friday morning because of threats of a shootout and bombing.

School officials say someone wrote a message on a bathroom stall Wednesday that said 'KF will be blown up on April 26.' There were also reports of tweets that there would be a shootout today, although investigators said they could not find any evidence of this on Twitter.

School officials reported the percentage of students absent Friday:

LHS: 14%
KFMS: 31%
KFHS: 65%
Typical absentee rate is 6-7%

Some officers were seen walking on school grounds.

LeeAnn Reeder has two children at King's Fork High School. She said they both stayed home today, adding that her son was worried about getting hurt if something happened.

Reeder says she feels the school and the city have taken appropriate steps to keep the school safe.

A similar threat was found on the bathroom wall at Lakeland High School.

Then Thursday, officials say a message, also on bathroom wall at King's Fork Middle School, stated that would be blown up. The threatening writing was discovered just before school let out.

Investigators say whoever wrote them will face criminal charges.

The following recorded voice message was sent to parents and staff just before 6 p.m. Thursday:
The administrators from King's Fork Middle School wanted parents and staff to know about an incident that happened just before dismissal time today (Thursday). It was reported that a message was written on a boys' bathroom wall that the school would be blown up. Police and fire investigators were called to assist and as the investigation continues, please know that the person or persons responsible for this threat will face criminal charges. As you may know, similar threats were written on bathroom walls at both Lakeland High School and King's Fork High School this week. If you or your child has any information that can assist with the investigation, please call the school or the Suffolk Police Dept.

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