VIRGINIA BEACH--'Three words describe him... Great, great..great, just a great all around guy', says Pally McAlea.

McAlea was good friends with Kevin Brooks who died in a hunting accident Wednesday. They met more than 20-years ago because they shared the love of hunting.

Authorities say 46-year old, Brooks was hunting in Sussex County just outside of Waverly with his 70-year old friend, Raymond Weidner, when the two men started stalking a turkey... Somehow they were separated. And then, according to investigators, Weidner mistook his friend for a turkey and shot him in the back of the head with a shotgun. Brooks died in the woods.

This is doubly tough for Polly. She not only knew the victim, she also knew the shooter.

'I feel for Ray', she said, 'Right now i can only imagine what's going through his mind... the questions.... you know, what could I have done? What didn't i do?'

It's not required by law for hunters to wear blaze orange when they're hunting turkey. That's because turkeys have a very keen sense of vision. Many hunters believe they can even see colors.

However, authorities strongly suggest hunters use blaze orange material near them while they're hunting, and definitely wear it when entering and exiting the woods.

Meanwhile, Polly's 11-year old son, Cory, who's even hunted with the victim, is wise beyond his years when it comes to hunting...

'Never know what's going to happen, ' he said, 'You could be walking moment you could not be. You got to be safe about wearing blaze orange and following the rules.'

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