JAMES CITY COUNTY - It's called the Jamestown bear and he's back.

Aaron Proctor with Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says a caller reported seeing a bear near Longhill Road and Route 199 in James City County.

Authorities believe the black bear has learned how to get into trash cans and bird feeders for food. They also say that he could be more active because it's breeding season.

According to Proctor, the bear hasn't posed a threat to residents or drivers, so they're not responding to sightings and have no plans to trap it.

He says black bears, the only kind in Virginia, are naturally shy and wary of people. There are no records of unprovoked attacks, but with their populations on the rise, game officials are focused on educating people on how to peacefully co-exist with them.

Experts recommend bringing your trash can inside and don't leave food items around the yard that could tempt them.

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