VIRGINIA BEACH -- For anyone in search of a dog, it was a great offer: Free puppies. The giveaway was taking place in the parking lot of the Virginia Beach SPCA, but it wasn't one the organization was running.

Someone told clinic staff members that a man was outside of their building handing out 10-day-old pups to anybody who wanted them.

In Virginia, it's illegal to give, sell, or trade any animal that is younger than 6 weeks, or unweaned.

'We explained to the gentleman that it probably would be best to relinquish the animals, and that way, we can keep them with their mother, 'cause they're so young. They need to stay with their mother so they can build those antibodies,' explained Amanda Panuline with the Virginia Beach SPCA. 'They had temperatures when they came in, and we worked with them, and their temperatures have regulated, and they're doing really well.'

Besides turning over the 9 puppies to the SPCA, the owner gave up the mother, Precious, also.

Ideally, Panuline said, the SPCA hopes to find a foster family that will look after mom and her pups until everyone is ready for adoption. In the case of young animals, that normally is around the 2-month-old mark.

'We're here, ultimately, to help animals get the right care and find a good home. We don't turn animals away,' Panuline said. 'He brought them to the right place, so now they're getting the proper care. They're temperatures are regulated. They're in the right environment with mom. It's gonna be be a good situation. It's gonna be a good turnout, and we're looking forward to watching their progress.'

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