NEWPORT NEWS - Several homes in Newport News have been condemned after being damaged by falling trees in Thursday night's storm.

On Windsor Castle Road in the Denbigh neighborhood, a tree uprooted and fell onto a house. It's eight feet off the ground, sticking straight out, and is being held up by what's left of the two-story home. The top of the tree is sticking out the front of the home.

No one in the house was hurt.

In 2003, the family had 6 trees fall during Hurricane Isabel. The tree that toppled Thursday night was the last in the yard.

That home, along with ones on Ceekstone, Taliafero and Littlejohn, have been condemned, fire officials said.

Many people on the Peninsula are still without power following the storm. Dominion Power say it expects to have most customers restored by nightfall; however, officials warn that in the hardest hit areas, Like Seaford and Wormley Creek areas in York County, may not get power back until sometime Saturday.

Mutual assistance crews are arriving from Arkansas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania to help restore service.

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