VIRGINIA BEACH -- Jamal Strayhorn is home from the hospital after surviving a serious crash on I-264.

On June 3, Va. State Police say a 2004 Nissan Exterra was traveling eastbound when the driver lost control and struck a 2002 Chevy Blazer driven by Strayhorn, then sideswiped a 2008 Ford F-250. Strayhorn lost control and the Blazer flipped several times, went over the guardrail and fell onto the railroad tracks on Greenwich Road.

Strayhorn says he saw the other driver over-correct and remembers his truck flipping 14 times and his head hitting the pavement through his sunroof.

'I had a sunroof, so I could feel my head hit the pavement and my neck drag,' Strayhorn said. 'I cried out to Jesus and I let go because I accepted that I was going to be no longer here.'

The next thing Strayhorn remembers is waking up underneath the Interstate overpass.

He says someone climbed down from the overpass and cut off his and his son's seat belts. The person then wrapped a bag around his son's head to stop the bleeding. Strayhorn says he then blacked out again.

When Strayhorn woke up in the hospital, he says his first he thought was about his son. His family reassured him that his son was also alive.

Strayhorn suffered several broken ribs, a punctured lung and fractures. However, he says all of his injuries were 'clean breaks.' He says he's grateful the fractures near his spine did not paralyze him.

Strayhorn's 16-year-old son also suffered many injuries, including a serious concussion, but is also at home recovering.

Strayhorn believes the crash was an act of God and says the experience has changed his outlook on life.

He learned the crash happened about 100 yards from his family's church and the helicopter that took his son to the hospital landed in the church parking lot.

Strayhorn says he was also surprised to learn the name of the man who helped free him from the truck- Christian.

'That's God using people, and there is no luck about how we survived that crash. I know who to thank- the man above,' said Strayhorn.

He believes God wants him here to spread kindness and positivity. His message to others is to not worry and be kind to others.

'I used to worry about living paycheck to paycheck, but God took the worry out of me,' said Strayhorn.

Friends have started an online site where people can donate to help the family cover the cost of medical bills.

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