HAMPTON -- Police have released new details on the case of a man who died while being placed in custody, saying he had a stun gun and drugs on his person at the time of the incident.

According to police, Marlon Jermaine Dixon, 41,was holding a stun gun when police approached him after neighbors called to report his erratic behavior. Police say they also found cocaine and marijuana in his pockets upon searching his clothing.

Residents have been very vocal in seeking seeking answers about Dixon's cause of death, calling for an investigation.

The Coalition for Justice said they plan to meet with the police department, Hampton city council and eventually lawmakers in Richmond to get a grand jury to investigate Dixon's death.

'The police were told by a witness he had a bad heart and if they had not thrown him to the ground, four police officers banged on him and beat him, what they did was they triggered the heart attack,' said Rudy Langford with the Coalition for Justice.

The police report issued last week made no mention of the stun gun or drugs, stating that officers were responding to a suspicious person complaint in the 300 block of Grant Circle just after 9 a.m. on June 18 when they came into contact with Dixon.

Police say Dixon was 'disorderly and combative,' according to a news release. Based on his behavior, officers believed he was suffering from a medical condition and attempted to place him in emergency custody.

Officers handcuffed Dixon, who allegedly resisted. Upon completing the procedure, officers noticed he had stopped breathing, according to a press statement given at the time.

Police say the officers then immediately began CPR and called for a medic. Hampton Fire and Rescue personnel transported Dixon to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police say the cause of death is under investigation and an autopsy is pending.

The officers involved have been put on administrative leave with pay, per Hampton Police Division policy.

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